Dev Update #6 – That elusive milestone Alpha

Hi Folks, Well its been a long time coming but we are happy to announce that we are finally, finally into Alpha! Hooray! Whats…

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A Case for Closed Development: Why I Stopped Blogging about Soulcaster

Seven months. It’s a good interval for a yes-I’m-still-alive-and-making-the-game post. TL;DR: Soulcaster is still happening, and I work on it every day. So what happened to the dev blogging and tweeting? Why did I go off the radar? It started (ended) when the game got its first non-placeholder art, and showing screens would reveal our […]

Polishing the Architecture

In the last few weeks we’ve been adding the final art touches to the island. Now that we have all the content locked down, Deanna, one of the architects,  is reviewing all the structures we created and make sure they are as correct as possible. Even though they previously designed …

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The Incredible Development of Van Helsing III

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III is now out, as you can see on the Steam page. It’s been already a week, we have many returning gamers playing it already, still there’s uncertainty regarding many things. First, the classes. What’s the fundamental reason of the creation of these? Are they still the character of […]

JAQK RUSH development progress

Game’s development is going smooth and we have managed to be on schedule until now. A first playable prototype of the game’s AI has been finished and the first 100 levels of the game are ready for the first tests. The game will be featuring low-poly 3D pre-rendered graphics. Right now, a lot of stuff […]

Dev Update #5 – Unity 5, New team members and Xbox One

Hi Folks, Well it’s been quite some time since we updated you all on what’s been happening here at Desktop Daydreams HQ…

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The Detours of Prototyping

You know, it’s really time for an update on Soulcaster. The longer it gets in between these things, the more I feel like I have to write a long treatise on everything that’s been going on since the last update. And yes–lots of stuff has been happening! But I can’t get to it all in […]