Introducing the Neocore Account and Neocore Store

How’s it going, Fellow Hunters? We sure hope you’re enjoying The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut. Since the release, we did some patching, and will continue to provide support and fixes, but there’s also something else to talk about if you haven’t noticed yet. Right here, on this very site, you may have […]

Ask Twitter: Placeholder art, scoring my own games, XNA, the leap to procedural

With today’s work on Soulcaster mostly being behind-the-scenes stuff involving the new slotting equipment/inventory system, I figured I didn’t have much to say on that topic today. I decided to poll my Twitter list for topic ideas, and got several I could answer lightning-round style. Here goes. On my own games, I get to pick […]

Spring Screenshot Contest: Win a Steam Key!

Calling all photographers! We’re looking for some creative screenshots or photos of Shattered Planet! You have until midnight EST on May 15th to submit your best screenshot/photo — edited or raw! Share on our Facebook wall, Tweet at @kitfoxgames with … Continue reading

Escape Goat Owners: How to Claim Your Steam Key

Escape Goat is in beta on Steam right now, and I’ve been distributing keys to the various marketplaces and bundles that have sold Escape Goat over the past year and a half. (Crazy that it’s been that long, and it’s just now coming to Steam–it’s like a launch all over again in some ways.) If […]