Spellbind just got its first major update

Spellbind was released on Steam a year ago. The steam community reviews and the direct messages we received led us to a major update. This update includes the new English texts corrected by a native speaker. We have also added steam cards, emoticons, badges and a few profile backgrounds. We hope that all these, along […]

Two new games released!

It’s been some time since the last update. During the last 8 months, we actually had some activity on several projects. JAQK Rush beta is available on Facebook platform. It is our first game that uses the Unity’s WebGL platform. Unity’s WebGL looks promising but it’s not without problems. The game is hosted on Heroku […]

Spellbind on Steam

It has been some time since Spellbind went live in mobile devices. After a couple of months, we decided to port it to desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) and the game was included in the Lazy Dog bundle. Then suddenly, 45 days ago, the game was greenlit on Steam.  What has happened since then? We agreed […]

JAQK Rush soft launch coming soon!

  Just a quick update about the development progress. Single (or adventure) mode is almost complete. A couple of months are needed in order to test it, polish it and fine-tune the level difficulty. Fine-tuning the levels is not an easy job. We will try to find the right balance between difficulty and fun factor […]

JAQK RUSH development progress

Game’s development is going smooth and we have managed to be on schedule until now. A first playable prototype of the game’s AI has been finished and the first 100 levels of the game are ready for the first tests. The game will be featuring low-poly 3D pre-rendered graphics. Right now, a lot of stuff […]

JAQK Rush is coming!

Spellbind officially belongs to the past regarding development. But we are very happy to say that our small group has been enhanced with two additional persons which also happen to be good friends of ours. They will actively participate in  the development of our new game. So the good news is that we are able to […]