• new locations: World Tree and Tranquil Grove. This time we have been building around Dream Forest. Some of those will open during campaign or when you find a item:

    World Tree and Tranquil Grove
  • new: several conversations added, e.g. dialogue after capturing Lord Azil.
  • new: improved ending for greenskins. Unique sprite for King William will be added when ready:
  • new items: Bard’s Lute, Teddy Bear (who will find it first?), Golden Apple, Black Pearl, Clan’s War Drum, Cat’s Amulet.
  • new: an extra arena fight (Forest campaign).
  • new: permanent wound indicator on unit bar.
  • update: embedded Java updated to JRE 1.8u152.
  • update: hint for using melee attack when ranged acid attack in ineffective (Forest campaign).
  • update: hint for Terror.
  • bugfix: battle accessible from World Map have internal team size limit.
  • bugfix: Sacrifice did not increase MP above MP with bonuses.
  • other: will all the changes being done and other improvements, I am thinking of pushing price up a bit for AOF series. It will help us to deliver better quality graphics and voiceovers. It’s not definite yet – just giving you heads up.






Hi all,

We have been working on a number of interesting features:

  • new: Segmented Move – few units, such as harpies, knights and other raiders can now make half-move and then move again. This should make it easier to avoid blockers and flank enemies.

    It can be enabled for all units from Experimental Options.
  • new: Magic Source stones – they appear on World Map as game is progressed. Once per day you will receive Mana Shard.
  • new: Reinforcements Call – for Knight-hero, serval soldier are summoned at the edge of battle field.
  • new: Head Hunter – for minotaur, after killing a unit, all remaining enemies receive additional morale loss (Greenskins campaign).
  • balance: Disintegration costs 4MP and damage has been reduced to 3d2 at normal, 4d2 at Regular/Veteran) and 5d2 at Elite. It’s still very powerful spell though, but hopefully not Death-Star laser anymore.
  • balance: the last Krill’s battle difficulty tuned down (Undead campaign).
  • bugfix: Meditate and Sacrifice are correctly recognised as spells.
  • bugfix: shop level metadata is restored after game load.
  • bugfix: removed second Executioner Blade (Forest campaign).
  • other: it seems Moon Key sneaked itself into release (it designed to open optional quest later). So sorry for that – please ignore it and wait for appropriate location 🙂

Take care,




HAPPY X-MAS!! In this patch there are quite several changes and improvements:

  • new: special locations – we have added a few special locations to both campaigns. Those are shared between campaigns (with minor differences) and will further enrich story and introduce some lore:

    Fountain of Happiness (destroyed/rebuilt)
    More will follow! Some locations are timed, i.e. will activate only once during day.
  • World Map has been back-ported to AOF2. The locations are grayscale, but we are working on that:
  • new: Entangling Attack – for Ents and Saprolling, attacked enemy won’t be able to move till the next turn. Every attack (failed or succeed) triggers this ability, thus forest faction has a perfect blocker now.
  • new: Click on items will display item’s detailed description, where temporary attributes are listed.
  • new: Before evolving unit, player is shown detailed upgrade result:
  • new: Bribe skill for Dwarves – similar to Balvar, your dwarf hero will be able to add enemy units to army. Few funny conversations added too after bribing 🙂
  • update: certain races won’t get certain permanent wounds that would not make sense, e.g. blinded skeletons, crippled slime.
  • update: logging library was slowing down game engine and has been updated.
  • balance: captured (controlled, bribed, enslaved, etc.) units will retain their upgrade level and will get back 25% of experience from all other attributes. This gives about half total experience from captured units and allows player to select which upgrades to apply. It hopefully won’t break balance.
  • balance: golems have now lowered resistance to non-physical attacks. They are still very tanky vs normal melee, but fireballs/lightnings/magic will connect much better.
  • balance: Cave Mushroom and Mana Shard are not counted towards potions limit.
  • balance: Infravision gives +1 Attack in Darkness.
  • balance: Hellbat has 2 hp, fire resistance and Segmented Move.
  • bugfix: various fixes for handling mouse clicks, click boxes, sensitivity, etc. Jeez, the variety of mouse-like devices is surprisingly huge!
  • bugfix: temporary removing units could duplicate items they were carrying (only with using items on all units enabled in Experimental options).
  • bugfix: Dryad can wear Phasing Cape and Crystal Armour.
  • bugfix: AI handles chill touch spell correctly.
  • other: dwarves campaign voiceover is being done. You can check sample here:
  • other: will all the changes being done and other improvements, I am thinking of pushing price up a bit for AOF series. It will help us to deliver better quality graphics and voiceovers. It’s not definite yet – just giving you heads up.

Take care and have happy X-Mas!