Sat Dec 31 ’16 Announcement from Sierra Ops – A Space Sci-Fi Action RPG

2016 Status Report

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year! 2016 was not really an ideal year for us, as we had to patiently wait through things which cannot be rushed. But hey, the long wait has paid off, as they are about to come to fruition! 

We’ll be incredibly busy once we’ve shown you the new opening movie this early January. Please look forward to it 🙂

Youko‘s almost done with the major routes with almost all endings covered. She’s worked very hard to make Sierra Ops something worthwhile to play and read.

Tooaya’s also done with all the updated Backer sprites.

Now before anything else, we just want to say we’ll be adding an option in-game to choose between the new vs original designs.

We believe having this option has a charm on its own, and doesn’t really ruin anything. Players who prefer the original sprites can enjoy tcwoua’s designs, while players who prefer Tooaya’s can enjoy playing the game with consistent art style w/respect to the CGs.

John Doran

Amethyst Waters

Erwan Hellouin

Graham Tyson

Reinhard Radetzky

Harrison Brown

Simon Bulens

Arnel De Leon

Mikha’el Brandr​, Iriela Isabelle Manyard, and Mineko Roger

Natalie Puccile, Sera Morgenstern, and Calvin Duell

Christopher Punska, and Azure

Yuuna Tsukikawa


We’re aware that we’ve taken so long to finish the damn game, and were not going to pretend what we’ve been doing so far is really okay for our backers. Because of this, we’ve decided to accept refund requests from backers who haven’t received a single reward from the campaign. We’ll process the requests 2 months after Sierra Ops’ released on Steam.

Updating and Scheduling Issues No More

We admit our incompetence when it comes to meeting deadlines and posting updates. It’s ironic that for someone like me(Jason here) who’s handled a couple of VN Kickstarters to fall short in this. To be honest, me and kemeo have become so pessimistic about Sierra Ops that we had to shift our focus elsewhere to freshen up our creativity for the project.

We’re really glad Youko‘s nearly done with the entire game script, which means it’s safe to continue coding the game scenarios without worrying about possible major revisions. This also means we can show something worthwhile every month from now on, at least! 🙂

Thanks to everyone who’s been following our updates through social media or by contacting us directly, to everyone who’s criticized us and helped us grow, and to everyone who’s simply reading this while celebrating New Year.

Have a great 2017!


InnoMen Productions Team

Wed Feb 03 ’16 Announcement from Sierra Ops – A Space Sci-Fi Action RPG

Salutations Comrades,

It’s been almost two years since the project was funded.  A lot of things has happened, and t’was all “fun” experiencing working on a story heavy game. It’s really difficult making a game beyond the team’s scope, but despite that, we can only really learn by trying. We still have a long way to go…

Anyway, as mentioned before, Root Double (The campaign only has a few hours left, please support it!) and a couple more Japanese visual novels made by notable companies will reach the Western shores pretty soon, and we’re excited to release Sierra Ops and be part of this awesome year for visual novels!

About Sierra Ops

The game is essentially the same after all the development changes that took place:

Sierra Ops is a hybrid novel/strategy game with war as the backbone of the story. There are breaks between the heavily decisive missions so the crew have time for character development.

Replaying the game is the key to unfold all possible events and knowing more about the world. The RTS gameplay is pretty easy, however there will be a few challenging stages. We’ll deliver the game the way we intended plus all the improvements we’ve invested in 🙂

With Tooaya and Gtd-Carthage’s diligence and art expertise combined, plus Sekai Project’s generous support, we’re totally back in track!

Tooaya will complete the majority of the sprites this month, and we’re quite excited to animate her works using Live2D. Please do look forward to all the amazing things to come 🙂

That’s all for now, have a great day!


InnoMen Productions Team

Sun Jan 10 ’16 Announcement from Sierra Ops – A Space Sci-Fi Action RPG

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Sun Sep 06 ’15 Announcement from Sierra Ops – A Space Sci-Fi Action RPG

Hello guys,

There won’t be anything big happening to the game until the Muv-Luv Kickstarter is finished. We know it’s a little disappointing, however rest assured financial matters shall no longer be a problem (regardless if the campaign’s successful or not).

Now that the main problem’s out of the way, we’ll be finishing the remaining story outlines for Jean and Freija’s routes next, as they’re our secondary source of major progress roadblocks. It was a mistake to work on the game without completing them, but because of financial instability, we had to rush development.

We’re not saying the demo’s a big mistake, otherwise our deal with Sekai Project and solidifying our workflow wouldn’t have been all possible.

It may take around two weeks up to a month to cover all the story elements for the outlines (based on our experience before).

Anyway, our main store page is up, featuring the gameplay trailer and old PV – , with a total of 1600 demo downloads. Thanks to everyone who tried out our game! 

Here’s also our programmer/【Kemeo】’s Battle Engine Updates for the month of August if anyone’s interested:

And last but not the least, our main artist,【tcwoua】, was able to work on a few CGs for the game. Let us know what you think!

InnoMen Productions Team