Devblog 187

[]A first look at the junkyard, inventory and UI changes, half height walls, bulletproof glass, and more.View Post[]Changes Add ability to define custom falloff/spread/spatial blend curves on a sound by sound basis N…

Community Update 161

[]Rust beatboxing, eco raiding, and more. View Post[]Changes

Devblog 186

[]Trees now topple, but we’ve aimed for stability in other places. View Post[]Changes Failsafe for occasional stuck bush rustle sounds Fixed song shuffling Fixed repeated phys impact sounds when an item is stuck insi…

Gmod Stories – MachineCult’s Dupes

[]The story of MachineCult’s dupes. From towering Combine mechs, to junk ships and more. View Post[]

Devblog 185

[]Hair is here, workbench experimentation, upcoming building changes, and more. View Post[]Changes Fixed flame turret been lockable Stance recoil no longer affects xbow/bow New nail gun sounds EAC SDK update New gara…

Community Update 159

[]The great wall of Rust comes tumbling down, loads of community concepts, and more. View Post[]