The Wild Eight v0.3.7 is live!


We are releasing patches several times a week, so I think the best we can do here is to collect patch notes from latest updates in one news post every week.

But if you want to be very first to know what’s new in updates you can do it in Steam Discussions.

Patch v0.3.7

Most important:

  1. Anti-cheat system
  2. Workshop can be now shared with other players


  1. Medkits, Food Rations and all types of Meat are now stacking by 8 (were 4)
  2. Tendons are now stacking by 16 (were 8)
  3. Bandage receipt has been changed (Leather -> Leather Cut)
  4. Attack Power / Attack Speed / Movement Speed bonuses from eating Human Meat were increased from 15% to 20%
  5. Slightly increased damage of Iron Sword, Iron Mace, Iron Axe, Iron Pickaxe, Bear Claws, Guard’s Baton, Pipe Wrench, Crowbar, Battle Knife, Machete, Ice Axe, Factory Axe, Factory Pickaxe
  6. Slightly decreased damage of Bone Spear, Harpoon
  7. Now Leather and Iron are dropping by 1, not by 8
  8. Skill “Sprint Time” was fixed (it wasn’t working at all)
  9. Skill “Stamina Recovery” was fixed (the bonus was too small)
  10. Models optimization
  11. Some multiplayer fixes and improvements

Patch v0.3.6

Most important:

  1. Keybinding system + AZERTY Keyboard Layout
  2. Now you can cancel building process if you’ll press Right Mouse Button


  1. Sleeping and exiting the Shelter now will stop skill from learning
  2. Animals won’t hit you through the walls, you won’t them as well
  3. Animals now can enter some of the buildings
  4. Overall AI pathfinding improvements
  5. Models optimization
  6. Cursor will stay in screen limits


  1. Some multiplayer fixes/improvements
  2. Fixed a bug when you was able to learn more than 1 skill for 1 Skill Point

Patch v0.3.5
  1. Reduced chance of Blizzards (to lower the chance of Blizzard chains)
  2. Fixed a bug with unactive Hunting skills after the death in Easy Mode (they will work when you’ll load the save file)
  3. Fixed a bug with disappearance of building icons on the map (campfires, etc.) after loading a save file
  4. Fixed a bug with disappearance of building icons on the map (Multiplayer) when someone joins the game
  5. Now “Mode” filter button in the Server Browser works

Patch v.0.3.4: Easy Mode and lot’s of fixes

Hi, Ivan is here. Latest patch we’ve uploaded today has both very important bug fixes and new features you’ll enjoy.

Most important:
  1. Easy Mode is now available! The effects of hunger and cold are reduced. All learned skills and structure levels retain after players death
  2. Animals will stop chasing you after some time
  3. Added 4 variations of start location

  1. Now the confirmation window will pop-up when you try to delete the save file
  2. Additional Medkit was added to the start position
  3. Polar Bears will return to their positions when you leave the Hydra-1 radio tower
  4. Added indicator of Campfire’s and Furnace’s HP
  5. Quest list in Journal now shows all side quests in the game (colored in grey)
  6. We fixed most of the places which were reported as stuckable
  7. Added 100%-death zone at the bottom of canyons
  8. Increased amount of lootable items in the side quest “Dark Matter”
  9. Small visual and audio improvements

  1. Fixed bug with black screen / no UI after loading save file
  2. Fixed bug with asynchronous time of the day in Multiplayer
  3. Fixed bug with unregulated music in Main Menu
  4. Sound/Music volume in the game now will be saved after restart
  5. Fixed bug with items disappearing from Shelter’s inventory
  6. Fixed bug with wrong count of Shelter’s inventory slots
  7. Fixed bug with no EXP when killing with Bows
  8. Fixed bug with dropping Bone and Leather with equipped Carving Knife but without appropriate skills
  9. Multiplayer – Fixed bug with unpickable items if the host before the creation of this server has got a “Connection Error”

If you want to try new update first you can take part in pre-release testing. Find out details in this amazing FAQ.

Latest patch notes and Multiplayer fixes

Hey wild ones! Huge thanks for your great support. It’s easy to work all day and night if you know that your game is loved by so many people! I am happy to announce in the new update – that you can download now – we’ve solved the main issue with the multiplayer, also known as “region lock”.

Here is a full log of improvements:

  1. Multiplayer fixes
  2. Added an option to choose your region while browsing servers or creating new ones
  3. Location terrains have been optimized to avoid players getting stuck
  4. Main Menu is now optimized
  5. Fixed the mistake with wrong 12AM / 12PM time
  6. Buildings that are a part of the world now have safe zones which provide immunity to blizzards and additional 50% cold defense
  7. All animals that have less than 25% of HP will now have -30% speed debuff
  8. Speed debuff of the traps has been rebalanced accordingly
  9. Cost of crafting Rabbit Trap, Simple Trap, Advanced Traps has been reduced by ~25%
  10. Drastically increased the boots durability (it is now the same as the armor of the same level)
  11. Increased the stun chance of Iron Mace, Baseball Bat, Guard’s Baton and Pipe Wrench from 5% to 10%
  12. Increased the stun chance of Crowbar, Ice Axe from 5% to 15%
  13. Increased the chance of bleeding by Iron Sword and Harpoon from 5% to 10%
  14. Increased the chance of bleeding by Battle Knife and Machete from 10% to 15%

We continue improving The Wild Eight based on your feedback. Welcome to The Wild Eight Steam Discussion – the best place on Earth for you suggestion, ideas and more 🙂

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– Fntatstic and HypeTrain teams

If you have problems with loading saves after the latest update try this:

First Hotfix is here

Thank you for optimistic and valuable feedback. We’ve spent the whole night monitoring players activity and have already prepared a first patch that will fix most common issues with the game.

Besides multiplayer and crash bugfixes, we’ve tuned the balance of some mechanics such as cold, hunger and blizzards. All based on your suggestions. There are also some minor improvements have been done you will note.

To be sure you’ve got the last update, just relaunch Steam.

We are monitoring “Bugs and Crashes” and “Suggestions and Ideas” discussions all the time, so feel free to write us there.

Thank you!

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One of The Wild Eight: William

It’s two hours before the release! The perfect time to reveal some details about the main protagonist of The Wild Eight – William.

Open in full-size[]

Really busy with last preparations. Wish us best and prepare to this epic moment!

Release Time and One of TWE: Jeffrey

One day before the release! I know you are hyped (US TOO), but first take a look at Jeffrey’s bio:Open in full-size[]The Wild Eight is coming 12:00 PM PST. So it’s just a few hours left before the release 🙂