0.7.29 – Hotfix


Here is what we’ve fixed in the latest update:

– Fixed a bug where Tamed Deer with Sledge equipped stopped moving and did not react to player’s actions
– Fixed a bug where taming a Wolf would make an already tamed Deer’s AI not function properly
– Fixed a bug where on rare occasions using a Transit system killed the Player upon arrival
– Fixed initialization bugs of tamed animals, which caused them to not load properly
– Fixed a bug where the game didn’t save active window settings after changing the resolution or output mode

Thanks for all your feedback!

0.7 is LIVE!


Animal Update 0.7 is finally live! I’d like to say once again that it includes the brand new feature that everyone in our office love – deer and wolf taming! Hope you’ll enjoy it as well!


Here is the full patch notes as well:

New Features:
  1. Added an ability to tame a Deer and give him a name
  2. New crafting item – Deer Food
  3. New crafting item – Deer Bait
  4. New crafting item – Sledge for your tamed Deer
  5. Added an ability to tame a Wolf and give him a name
  6. New crafting item – Wolf Food
  7. New crafting item – Wolf Bait
  8. Added Steam Achievments
Changes to following mechanics:

  1. Increased stamina recovery speed
  2. Changes to stamina system
  3. Opening the map now automatically centers it on the player character

  1. Fixes to synchronization of objects in multiplayer
  2. Fixed “The Door” side quest missing an objective waypoint
  3. Fixed Chang’s passive ability not working properly
  4. Fixed stacks of trees getting stuck mid-air
  5. Fixed a bug where the player could use the signal rocket inside buildings
  6. Fixed a bug where quest items would duplicate after their use in multiplayer
  7. Fixed a bug with the auto-kitchen where you could select other items while cooking
  8. Fixed a bug where opening the Greenhouse while having the Bunker Key in your inventory would lead to a loss of Bunker Key
  9. Fixed the incorrect display of ore menu in Workshop Upgrade
  10. Fixed weapons “sliding away” from character’s model in multiplayer
  11. Fixed the training terminal in the Hub not displaying skills higher than level 6
  12. Fixed the bug where partially picked up stacks of resources would refill
  13. Fixed the bug where the food wouldn’t stop cooking even with the fire is out
  14. Fixed the bug where the Throwing Stone doesn’t stop Mutant Boss’s special attack animation
  15. Fixed control settings not saving after restart

🐺 Animal Update 0.7 & Dev. Roadmap

Hi! We’ve got a few announcements to make concerning the future of The Wild Eight:

First off, the wintry wilds of Alaska are becoming less lonely, even when you’re playing by yourself, with “Animal Update” coming October 16!


The players will be able to tame wild animals – each with their own unique abilities, that will aid you in surviving the Alaskan wilderness. Just use some animal-specific bait to lure the wild beast closer – and who knows, he might like you just enough to stick around.

Deer become your personal couriers if you build them an item-carrying sledge, and wolves help you defend yourself – they warn you of any approaching danger, and attack hostile creatures. Bond with your animal buddy as you give him a name and wander the world of The Wild Eight together – just remember to watch out for his health and hunger, if you want to keep him by your side.

Aside from the taming system, Animal Update 0.7 will feature an updated stamina system, Steam Trading Cards and achievements.

Content Roadmap

FULL SIZE[i.imgur.com]

0.7 Update is just the first in line of many other content updates, slated to release during the rest of 2017 and continue into Q1 2018. We’ve thrown together an approximate roadmap of what to expect in the upcoming months.

We’re also happy to announce a new division in our team, which will focus on creating new content of the game, as well as other aspects of development. Earlier this year, the rights to The Wild Eight were bought from the original creators of the game by HypeTrain Digital. Since August, our development team has released numerous patches to ensure the game’s stability, while developing The Animal Update, as well as other updates coming at a later date.

The team will continue to further optimize the game’s performance and work on creating new content for the fans of the game. Check back soon and often – The Wild Eight development team has plenty of surprises looming on the horizon.

Stay frosty!

v0.6.17 – Multiplayer Fixes

Hi!A week of bug fixes continues with an update for the multiplayer part. In v0.6.17 which is now live we fixed synchronization between players. No more troubles with items disappearance or the ability to pick them up. Hooray!Black holes are next!

v0.6.9 – it’s all about fixes

Hi!If you recently played in The Wild Eight, you may have noticed some new bugs which are a result of massive rework of some in-game systems. Thank you for your patience and constructive feedback! We’re now putting all our time to fix them, and this up…

0.5 – 2 more structure levels, fixes, and improvements

After taking a brief pause, we’re finally updating the game to version 0.5.12. This update will serve as a foundation for the game’s biggest content update so far, which is currently planned to be released early this fall.

Your previously created save files will be converted into a new format, resulting in your character being transported back to the plane crash. However, his skills and acquired items, as well as completed quests, will be left untouched. It was necessary for us to do so in order to stabilize the save data for the future expansion of the world.

In this update we’ve added 2 upgrade levels for both the workshop and the shelter: more skills and items to craft are now available. All high-grade weapons and armor will now require steel – a resource obtained by smelting iron chunks in the furnace. This update also brings changes to resource gathering mechanics: from now on, every chopped down tree or a depleted ore deposit gives the player additional resources, depending on character’s equipment and skills.

This update also provides various bug fixes and enhances game optimization. We’ve paid most attention to stabilizing game saves and multiplayer sessions, completely eliminating save corruption in most cases.

In order to simplify fixing potential bugs in the future, we’ve opened access to game’s inner logs, which can now be found in the main game folder. If you ever stumble across a bug – feel free to send your personal log data to an e-mail dk@hypetraindigital.com. Inspecting these logs will help us determine the root of the problem and fix them much faster.

Gameplay improvements:
  1. Enhanced resource gathering – chopping down a tree or working-out an ore deposit gives player additional resources;
  2. “Steel” renewed – previously untapped resource has now become the main component in crafting top-notch weaponry and armor;
  3. New structure and skill levels – shelter and workshop can now be upgraded to the 8th level;
  4. Map screen visual improvements – navigating the world and finding your friends has become a much easier task due to a new coordinate system;
  5. Last death location – finding and retrieving your lost items has now become much easier.

  1. Various technical fixes and optimization improvements;
  2. Fixed most common errors related to corruption of save files. In addition to that a temporary storage file will now be written, resulting in a rollback to the previous stable save data if corrupted;
  3. Stabilization of existing saves, in order to prevent their corruption in future versions of the game;
  4. Various multiplayer fixes;
  5. Fixed a bug when swapping items in sleep mode resulted in losing already equipped weapon/armor;
  6. Fixed a bug when player tended to lose health in sleep mode.

v0.3.10 is live! What’s new?


Thank you for your activity in Steam Discussions and elsewhere! We are so happy to receive so much feedback from you!

Here is patch notes from the latest updates.



  1. Removed double use of items by triple click
  2. Bone Arrows recipe – Tendon added
  3. Debuff for the animals with low health was decreased from 30% to 25%
  4. Now escaping animals wouldn’t feel themselves lost when the player gets too close
  5. Main Menu optimization
  6. Chinese Translation corrections


  1. Fixed a bug with unpickable Grindstone
  2. Fixed a bug with stacking of adrenalines (character was becoming super fast)
  3. Fixed a bug when using of Fat wasn’t restarting the previous Fat effect
  4. Fixed a bug when scrollbar in the Load Game screen wasn’t returning to the start position after changing a tab (potential fix for players reporting that their list of saves was empty)
  5. Fixed a bug when the save-and-quitting at the dawn was leading to corrupt save file (lost progress, etc.)
  6. Fixed a bug when the keyboard layout wasn’t saved after restarting the game
  7. Fixed a bug with wrong translation of video options in Options window
  8. Input Manager was cleared from non-used inputs – potential fix for players reporting that their characters were moving automatically
  9. Fixed a bug when pause was not stopping from zooming
  10. Fixed a bug when there were servers with 0 ping in Server Browser


Two major issues of the v0.3.8 now fixed:

  1. Fixed an unexitable Options window
  2. Increased waiting time for response from Workshops in Multiplayer (issue when you was entering Workshop, but nothing happened and then you was auto-quitting it)


Key Changes

  1. Steam Invites added
  2. Chat command “/unstuck” added

You can use unstuck command to get yourself out of stuckable places. It was added only to help you with this issue, please use it for its intended purpose only. We do not guarantee the performance of the game at the abuse of this command. Just in case we’ve added a 15 seconds cooldown.

Remember to send the screenshot of a place where you have stuck to our e-mail info@fntastic.com, whether the “unstuck” helped you or not.

– Write “/unstuck” to get instructions
– Write “/unstuck north” or “/unstuck n” to unstuck to the northern position
– Same for “east” (“e”), “south” (“s”) and “west” (“w”)


  1. Fixed a situation when animals were chasing you but after chasing they were starting to run in opposite direction
  2. Fixed a situation when aggressive animals were ignoring the Campfire if you was hitting them when they were running away from the Campfire
  3. Fixed incorrect work of character’s stats (cold resistance, etc.) after the death
  4. Reduced possibility of falling to death in the location where there is a trap with a bone that was leading to the cave (teleport will happen earlier than before)
  5. Some locations were fixed/optimized
  6. Some multiplayer fixes


Key Changes

  1. Mexican Spanish localization
  2. Polish localization


  1. Now you can change movement to IJKL buttons (for left-handed players)
  2. Now you can bind Numpad keys (for players with arrow keys)
  3. Visual improvements and optimization


  1. Fixed a bug with broken lighting and fog when you were loading inside of the bunker
  2. Some multiplayer fixes



  1. Now when you’ll load game inside of the building (which is part of the location) the roof will hide automatically
  2. Workshop window optimized – list of recipes will load gradually and only after the window creation
  3. Fixed a bug with inability to attack after you have entered your building during firing a Bow
  4. Side quest “Goodbye, Laura” – eliminated the possibility to fall to the Laura’s core