Smalland Game

Smalland Game
Suddenly you have been shrunk.

Without knowing why, you found yourself in the world of small creatures. Why that’s happened? Have all the humanity been shrunk or are you alone? There are so many questions that you should answer but before you do that, you must find a place to hide, because you didn’t feed your sweet squirrel for a long time, and it’s starving now.

The Suit Guy – Screenshots & Intro

The Suit Guy - Screenshots & Intro
First screenshots and intro cutscene video of “The Suit Guy”.

Play ARENA 3D on October 27th and help support a lone Indie Developer

Here is a full preview of the the new Playable Demo and Kickstarter Campaign to be released next week. Plus check out some of the awesome rewards you can get for your support on Kickstarter

Molecats are on Steam Early Access!

We are live on Steam Early Access and aimed for release this year!
The game has been already updated a few times during EA and we have fixed major bugs and glitches.

We will be happy to get any feedback from you!

How To Use Astrobase Command’s Procedural Species Generator

How To Use Astrobase Command's Procedural Species Generator
Species creation is more than skin deep. Understanding Astrobase Command’s species generation system is one of the keys to playing the game the way you want.

News Update #8

News Update #8
78 bugs corrected, a new super-fast save and load system, and an early access release FINALLY on its way… 3571 The Game is no longer science-fiction!