🐺 Animal Update 0.7 & Dev. Roadmap

Hi! We’ve got a few announcements to make concerning the future of The Wild Eight:

First off, the wintry wilds of Alaska are becoming less lonely, even when you’re playing by yourself, with “Animal Update” coming October 16!


The players will be able to tame wild animals – each with their own unique abilities, that will aid you in surviving the Alaskan wilderness. Just use some animal-specific bait to lure the wild beast closer – and who knows, he might like you just enough to stick around.

Deer become your personal couriers if you build them an item-carrying sledge, and wolves help you defend yourself – they warn you of any approaching danger, and attack hostile creatures. Bond with your animal buddy as you give him a name and wander the world of The Wild Eight together – just remember to watch out for his health and hunger, if you want to keep him by your side.

Aside from the taming system, Animal Update 0.7 will feature an updated stamina system, Steam Trading Cards and achievements.

Content Roadmap

FULL SIZE[i.imgur.com]

0.7 Update is just the first in line of many other content updates, slated to release during the rest of 2017 and continue into Q1 2018. We’ve thrown together an approximate roadmap of what to expect in the upcoming months.

We’re also happy to announce a new division in our team, which will focus on creating new content of the game, as well as other aspects of development. Earlier this year, the rights to The Wild Eight were bought from the original creators of the game by HypeTrain Digital. Since August, our development team has released numerous patches to ensure the game’s stability, while developing The Animal Update, as well as other updates coming at a later date.

The team will continue to further optimize the game’s performance and work on creating new content for the fans of the game. Check back soon and often – The Wild Eight development team has plenty of surprises looming on the horizon.

Stay frosty!