Chester One v2.2.6 – Minor Bug Fixes

Time for one of the totally biggest updates in the history of game updates!

Bug Fixes
-The Chestius unlock in the Stamp Shop now successfully unlocks Chestius!
-Bug fixed where game didn't always pause on Style/Chester switching.
-Bug fixed that would cause player to occasionally fall through quickly moving platforms.

...and that's about it for now. Phew, almost ran out of breath listing all of those updates.

Have a few other reported bugs I'm working on taking care of that are being a little more stubborn, but wanted to finally get the Chestius fix out for those that collected all of the ship pieces.

The complete code overhaul is also still underway; no set date for that though. Hoping to have a small demo-scene in the new engine ready sometime in the near future.

Thanks for the patience and enjoy the game! :CupcakeBlack: