0.5 – 2 more structure levels, fixes, and improvements

After taking a brief pause, we’re finally updating the game to version 0.5.12. This update will serve as a foundation for the game’s biggest content update so far, which is currently planned to be released early this fall.

Your previously created save files will be converted into a new format, resulting in your character being transported back to the plane crash. However, his skills and acquired items, as well as completed quests, will be left untouched. It was necessary for us to do so in order to stabilize the save data for the future expansion of the world.

In this update we’ve added 2 upgrade levels for both the workshop and the shelter: more skills and items to craft are now available. All high-grade weapons and armor will now require steel – a resource obtained by smelting iron chunks in the furnace. This update also brings changes to resource gathering mechanics: from now on, every chopped down tree or a depleted ore deposit gives the player additional resources, depending on character’s equipment and skills.

This update also provides various bug fixes and enhances game optimization. We’ve paid most attention to stabilizing game saves and multiplayer sessions, completely eliminating save corruption in most cases.

In order to simplify fixing potential bugs in the future, we’ve opened access to game’s inner logs, which can now be found in the main game folder. If you ever stumble across a bug – feel free to send your personal log data to an e-mail dk@hypetraindigital.com. Inspecting these logs will help us determine the root of the problem and fix them much faster.

Gameplay improvements:
  1. Enhanced resource gathering – chopping down a tree or working-out an ore deposit gives player additional resources;
  2. “Steel” renewed – previously untapped resource has now become the main component in crafting top-notch weaponry and armor;
  3. New structure and skill levels – shelter and workshop can now be upgraded to the 8th level;
  4. Map screen visual improvements – navigating the world and finding your friends has become a much easier task due to a new coordinate system;
  5. Last death location – finding and retrieving your lost items has now become much easier.

  1. Various technical fixes and optimization improvements;
  2. Fixed most common errors related to corruption of save files. In addition to that a temporary storage file will now be written, resulting in a rollback to the previous stable save data if corrupted;
  3. Stabilization of existing saves, in order to prevent their corruption in future versions of the game;
  4. Various multiplayer fixes;
  5. Fixed a bug when swapping items in sleep mode resulted in losing already equipped weapon/armor;
  6. Fixed a bug when player tended to lose health in sleep mode.