Tracks – The Train Set Game: Festive Winter Update Is Live!

Play Tracks and ride the rails - this time with snow, a gingerbread train, Christmas trees and more!

Cubers – Twin Stick Slasher first preview

Cubers - Twin Stick Slasher first preview
I wanted to show my game called Cubers. It’s a Twin Stick Slasher arena brawler game with hordes of enemies, lots of skills and customisable gear.

The Whaler – Dev Update #10 The Myth of The White Whale

Environment update, WIP progress of "The Pearl" ship, Discord public channel, Character customization teaser sketch and the first zone gets a name. Oh and Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

The Long Dark Hotfixed to Version 1.19 [33943]

Hello community,We’ve just hotfixed The Long Dark to version 1.19, which includes the following fixes:Version 1.19 [33943] Release Notes* [Survival] Fixed the Faithful Cartographer achievement. Fixes are retroactive but may require performing one mappi…

Friday Facts #221 – 0.16 is out

Hello there. As you probably know, we released the experimental version of 0.16[] this week. As usual after such a big release, we are working as best as we can to fix the bugs to make the game reasonably playable as soon as possible…

Foldrum Update #9

The demo is just around the corner and this is the last update before the demo goes live on December 22nd. Find out how the process is going in this update.

Kingdom of the Dragon release date set!

After nearly 2 years in development, we finally have a release date…