Ships ships and more ships

Today we are talking about ships! And the new art in the game!

Keeping Score – Adding Charts to This Grand Life

I talk about adding charts to the game as the first step towards a Commodities/Stock Market. You will also be able to see your progress towards each Life Goal.

Patch notes for the Gang Beasts 0.6.1 beta build and Steam Free Weekend

Since the Gang Beasts online beta in August 2016, Boneloaf have been working with a small team at Coatsink to finish the content and systems for the full game, a significant part of this work has been to transition to Multiplay’s dedicated game hosting solution and Hybrid Cloud Orchestration technology to give official Gang Beasts servers a scalable, low-latency, managed hosting platform maintained by a specialist team of game server experts.

We are publishing the Gang Beasts 0.6.1 Early Access beta to Steam in the next hour and making the game temporarily free on Early Access as a Steam Free Weekend game from 10am PDT / 6pm BST on Thursday 21 September to 1pm PDT / 9pm BST on Sunday 24 September to stress test the new server architecture and networking scheme and support for private sessions on official servers.

Please see the post at for information and a changlog listing the key modifications and fixes in the 0.6.0 unstable build. For more information on Multiplay please see the Press press release at

For reference we expect to have some inconsistencies with server availability and stability in the next hours as we transition to Multiplay’s servers and scale server capacity.

Outskirts is now released!

After 2 very long years, Outskirts is finally out and available on Steam!

Rings, Pizza Hut, Easy Gel, Tweaking

Rings, Pizza Hut, Easy Gel, Tweaking
Things are starting to fall together — this is a good sensation (vibe). Soon we’ll be breaking though the crust, and eating this pizza backwards.

Zombie Panic! VR information

Zombie Panic! VR information
Here is some information about this game and what’s ready now.

Mutinies and Mutations – A Rest in Jelly Story

 Mutinies and Mutations - A Rest in Jelly Story
We are in that stage were no new content is being made. We are adjusting levels, balancing gameplay, testing and creating UI elements and that kind of polishing tasks. That left our artists with a relatively high amount of free time, and we thought it would be great to use it to make an animated teaser to explain the origins of some final bosses and the jelly rebellion, the starting point of the game’s campaign.